Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Your Money 2.0 launches this week offering expert advice on financial challenges.

With more than 200 million Americans active on the Internet, Cambridge Credit Counseling is increasing its online education efforts. This week, Cambridge launches its new online news program, Your Money 2.0. The weekly program will highlight the most relevant financial stories of the day, and provide insight as to how these events may affect the average consumer. In addition, Your Money 2.0 will focus on the very best financial tools available online so consumers can be as informed as possible when making financial decisions. Personal finance websites, blogs, and other important Internet resources will be among the topics regularly featured on the program.

“The Internet connects the world, and it is becoming a fantastic medium to provide financial education,” noted Christopher Viale, president and CEO of Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. “Cambridge’s Your Money 2.0 will have the ability to reach a mass audience and help empower individuals to regain control of their money.”

The program builds off Cambridge’s successful Learn Now or Pay Later webisodes, which were released throughout 2008. Your Money 2.0’s weekly format will allow for a more immediate delivery of pertinent education, helping ordinary consumers manage their finances as the country suffers through its worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Weekly programs will be available on the company’s YouTube page, and will be offered for free to financially themed sites across the Internet. Anyone interested in learning more about Your Money 2.0 should contact Thomas Fox, Community Outreach Director, at 413-241-2362 or via e-mail at tfox@cambridgecredit.org. Subscriptions to releases are available at the company’s YouTube page.

To view a Your Money 2.0 promotional package, please visit www.youtube.com/CambridgeCredit.

Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. is a professional debt counseling agency, dedicated to educating young adults on the importance of sound financial management and to providing financially distressed Americans with education and debt management services appropriate to their needs. For more information on this article or to schedule an interview, please call 413-821-6919.

Visit Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. online at http://www.cambridgecredit.org/. To learn more about Cambridge and the community, please visit www.youtube.com/CambridgeCredit.

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