Thursday, September 25, 2008


Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.'s public outreach staff offers assistance to journalists in forecasting impact of recent economic changes on average consumers.

While news of the upheaval on Wall Street continues to dominate the daily headlines, little attention has been paid to the impact that the recent string of bankruptcies and bailouts will have on the average consumer. As one of the leading credit counseling agencies in the country, Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. hears first-hand every day the effect that America’s credit crisis is having on family budgets. At a time when 71% of Americans are already living from paycheck to paycheck, additional hikes in credit card interest rates and reduced access to new credit will pose financial challenges that this country hasn’t experienced for decades. Journalists interested in developing stories focused on the average consumer are encouraged to contact one of Cambridge's public outreach staff. Brief biographies are provided below.

Christopher Viale is the president and chief executive officer of Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. In addition to his responsibilities as president, Mr. Viale is an AFCPE Accredited Credit Counselor and IFL Certified Educator in Personal Finance, and he personally oversees and implements the company's educational outreach program, Learn Now or Pay Later. Under Mr. Viale’s direction Cambridge’s educational efforts reach a diverse population, and are focused on teaching the importance of sound money management principles. Mr. Viale is also active within the business community, serving as a volunteer on the Business Development Committee for the United Way of Pioneer Valley, and as a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Mr. Viale continues to stay abreast of issues affecting the credit counseling industry and is recognized as an expert in the field. Among the outlets that have featured Mr. Viale are, the Washington Times, CNBC, the Dow Jones Newswire, CNN Money, the Wall Street Journal, MSN Money, and the Los Angeles Times.

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Office: 413-821-6919

Thomas Fox is the Community Outreach Director of Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. He is an AFCPE Accredited Credit Counselor and IFL Certified Educator in Personal Finance, and has authored a number of financial guidebooks, DVDs and curricula designed to educate young people and low-income individuals about personal finance. Mr. Fox has also consulted on a number of educational initiatives, including the finance unit of Springfield Public School System and the Net Gain youth financial literacy program, which is produced in partnership with USA TODAY.

Mr. Fox has conducted seminars for a wide variety of audiences across the country, including appearances at Arizona State University, Rider University, UCONN, Springfield College, AIC, Western New England College, and numerous other organizations. He has also served as a guest lecturer for the Bruce Wells Scholar Upward Bound program, and as a panelist for Nichols College's forum on the Cycle of Debt In America, and for the California JumpStart Coalition’s Financial Literacy for Youth conference.

Recognized as an expert in his field, Mr. Fox has been interviewed for a variety of news segments regarding personal finance. Some of the outlets that have utilized his expertise include CNN, CN8,,, The Wall Street Journal, and local television stations WWLP, WGGB, and CBS-3 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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Office: 413-241-2362

Cell: 413-330-5254

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