Thursday, December 13, 2007

Community-based organizations combine efforts to help strengthen local families.

The financial challenges that face today’s consumers are unique in our country’s history. Credit card debt currently exceeds $900 billion dollars, energy prices are soaring, and personal savings rates are in the negative. Trying to successfully manage the average budget these days has become increasingly difficult, even for the most financially savvy consumer, and the consequences for those who aren’t can be devastating. To help consumers within its community who have special needs, Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. has teamed with Clinical and Support Options, Inc. to provide financial counseling and education.

“I believe that the financial information and guidance Cambridge will provide to the adults and families we serve will have a positive effect on their everyday lives and help give them a measure of hope for a positive financial future,” stated Lee Weissman, Director of Fund Development for Clinical and Support Options, Inc. “Counseling and financial literacy can only make people stronger and more self sufficient, which is a perfect complement to CSO’s mission of enhancing lives and strengthening families.”

Cambridge will offer its wide array of credit and debt management services, including fundamental budgeting and planning advice, to help CSO’s clients regain control of their finances. In addition to financial literacy seminars, Cambridge will provide one-on-one counseling sessions for individuals who require personalized assistance in managing their debt and building savings.

"We are happy to be working with an agency of Clinical and Support Options’ stature,” remarked Christopher Viale, president of Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. “CSO provides such a valuable service to the community, and the inclusion of Cambridge’s support to its members will truly help change lives in a positive manner.”

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