Thursday, November 1, 2007

Money stresses are devastating American families.

by Thom Fox
Community Outreach Coordinator
Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.

Every day in this country, an army of non-profit agencies works diligently to provide support and bring much-needed services to millions of Americans. These organizations address a wide range of important social conditions, from housing to healthcare, but referral networks between social service non-profits and credit counseling agencies are inconsistent. To eliminate one common omission, Cambridge Credit Counseling is encouraging non-profit organizations to establish relationships with credit counseling agencies that can address their clients’ financial concerns.

Studies indicate an increasing correlation between many common social problems and indebtedness. Findings suggest that the inability to pay debts, combined with demands from creditors, often exposes debtors and their families to harmful levels of stress, contributing to insomnia, anxiety, depression, increased marital tension and, most startling, the deterioration of parent-child relationships[1].

More troubling are the studies that focus on debtors receiving harassing phone calls and letters from creditors and collections agents. These individuals were much more likely to suffer mental and physical complications than debtors who were not the subject of aggressive debt collection. Such studies reinforce the belief that money problems undermine both individual health and family structure. The conclusion of one researcher summed up what health professionals had theorized for years, “Findings would suggest that the current system of resolving disputes between creditors and debtors is far too costly, both to the debtors and to society at large[2].”

As the financial pressures of our society increase, the family and social bonds that keep us together become strained. It’s difficult enough to raise a family these days, adding the burden of debt produces a volatile situation. Cambridge Credit is urging non-profit organizations to reach out to credit counseling agencies to help their financially distressed clients. As a national organization, Cambridge offers its assistance to every community service agency in America. Those interested in learning more about the services offered by Cambridge can contact Thomas Fox, the organization’s Community Outreach Coordinator, at 413-241-2362.

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